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Latest Videos


Lance Bennet, AGS Co-founder appears on the Inspiring Healthy Workplaces Podcast by TotalWellness with the Founder and President of Total Wellness, Alan Kohll.


AGS’ Director of Genetic Nutrition, Sharon Brack, met with Physician/CEO for the American Center for Biological Medicine, Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot.

I AM UP with Daybreak in Dallas, TX about how AGS values your privacy. Other tests don't.

Lance Bennet, AGS Co-founder appears on The National Wellness Institute Podcast.

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Other Videos...

Recently AGS' Sharon Brack appeared on Telemundo Arizona.
Part 1: Pure Fitness, Hong Kong location, ran a pilot test with 10 select gym members to see if genetic testing was a good fit for their clientele. This video shows before-testing commentary.
Part 2: Results from the Pure Fitness, Hong Kong location, pilot test of 10 gym members. This video is showing genetic results being delivered, insight and commentary.

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Offering insight into: 

  • Increased vitality
  • Eating right for your DNA
  • Exercising based on your genetics 





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AGS Personalized Medicine Test offers patients and physicians an integrated approach to healthcare. Knowing your genetic information allows you and your physicians to:

  • Lower risk of adverse drug reactions
  • Prevent prescription drug abuse (specifically opioids pain relievers)
  • Attain optimal drug therapy with suitable medications and dosage
  • Reduce the trial and error process of prescribing new medications
  • Reduce personal health care costs in the long runImprove treatment compliance
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