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Your body responds differently to medications than anybody else. Identify 12 different categories on how you metabolize medications. We make it easy for you and your physician (green-go, yellow- proceed with caution, red-stop):


 AGS Drug Sensitivity (PGx) Genetic Test:

  • Lower risk of adverse drug reactions
  • Attain optimal drug therapy with suitable medications and dosages
  • Receive the full benefit and achieve therapeutic effects with the right medication
  • Decrease personal healthcare costs
  • Improve treatment compliance
  • Cut trial and error process of newly prescribed medications
  • Achieve wellness to live a full life
  • Reduce potential for prescription drug abuse and misuse
  • A 20 Minute Consultation with a Genetic Health Specialist  
Note: Always consult with your physician before making any medication changes. 




The AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Tests empower you with knowledge based on your DNA to tailor diet, fitness, supplement, and behavior. Two Health & Wellness genetic test options to choose from, the AGS NutraFit Health & Wellness Genetic Test and the AGS Premium Health & Wellness Genetic Test.


AGS NutraFit Health & Wellness Genetic Test Includes:

  • Your Optimal Macronutrients
  • Your Optimal Fats
  • Your Vitamin and Supplement Predispositions
  • Your Exercise and Activity Breakdown
  • A 20 Minute Consultation with a Genetic Health Specialist 

AGS Premium Health & Wellness Genetic Test Includes Everything  in the NutraFit Test Plus:

  • Your Indicators for Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol 
  • Your Beverage Reactions
  • Your Stress Management
  • Your Behavioral Tendencies
  • Your Health Awareness and Effort Score

Note: 23&Me Conversions are also available for the Premium Health & Wellness Genetic test. Everything that is included in the Premium test is included in the conversion.


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Example of the Summary portion of the test.

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