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Laura O’Connor-Butler

[fa icon="plus-square"] "Just wanted to follow up and tell you and Sharon about the positive improvements I’ve seen in my energy/performance/bodyweight since implementing your fat and supplement suggestions!

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I am always hesitant on supplements but figured I’d give it a try for a month and it only took about a week for me to see some significant changes! I’ve just put myself on monthly ship for your recommendations. I’m also sitting just below competition weight for USAPL Raw Nationals in 2 weeks, something that’s never happened in the year I’ve been competing - we usually have to trim my macros a bit the last few weeks and I carry around lots of water weight/inflammation - none at this time! I did start doing regular cryotherapy most days starting a few weeks back so am sure that is helping too but know the combination of the 3 (supplements, shift to more PUFA fats vs MUFA and cryotherapy) has my body running more efficiently - less soreness/pain, getting through my workouts with relative ease and more energy/feeling better overall. Just wanted to thank you for your help - can’t believe the changes! I’ll let you guys know how this meet goes and my strongman comp in November as well...I’ll definitely want to follow back up after that once I regroup/shift gears...pretty confident now that you and your team will be able to help optimize things for the next phase of my life/journey. Have a great weekend!"



Krystal Cantu, Mother, Crossfit Athlete

[fa icon="plus-square"] My genotype has the inability to break down sugars from dairy products. I nearly cried with that one because of ice cream…..

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On the workout side of things, 60% power and 40% endurance is what my body would excel in. So…….Cross Fit. BAM! Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this test and would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling in their training and diet and can’t really seem to pinpoint where they are going wrong. I’d also recommend it to anybody who is just looking to enhance their training and hone in on their body’s needs."



Emilie Hebert, Plant-powered Blogger, Future RD

[fa icon="plus-square"] "A couple months ago I took a genetic health & wellness test with AGS - I was unsure of it because it focused a lot on weight and I don’t know how reliable these genetic tests are. I decided to take it JUST so I could see the vitamin/supplement section.

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 It told me that because of a MTHFR gene mutation (which is pretty common), my ability to absorb folate from food was severely limited. Folate is especially important for women, so this made me nervous! Fast forward a couple weeks to my blood work with my physician - some of the results indicated a folate deficiency (B-12 was fine). I did my research and learned that with a MTHFR gene mutation, it’s really important to take a certain type of folate so your body can utilize it, and try to steer clear of folic acid added to foods as much as possible. What I’m doing about it--> taking a supplement, checking my levels later, and eating lots of folate-rich foods (lentils, spinach). So after all, the test ended up telling me something really important. I’m not one for analyzing every single nutrient in your diet (I’d rather look at it as a whole), but since folate is so important for down the road, I’m taking it seriously! I think this kind of genetic information can be helpful to use it as a tool to improve your health."


Jeff Rubleski, Director of Sales Strategy, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

[fa icon="plus-square"] "I want to let you know how impressed I am with the quality and specific feedback I recently received from my AGS Health & Wellness Profile. I've known for some time that our personal genetics play a significant role in our overall health and well-being and to better understand my unique genetic profile would be helpful. >>Read More>>

The comprehensive 34-page personalized report I received from AGS based on my unique genetic profile simply amazed me. The report was specific to my genetic profile and pinpointed specific areas of possible concern in an easy to understand format. The one-page Genetic Summary Highlights identified possible vitamin deficiencies and certain fats that could lead to higher than "normal" weight gain based on my genetic profile.

I also was impressed with the follow-up consultation I received from Sharon Brack to discuss my Profile. Sharon answered all of my questions and provided key insights into my specific health and wellness objectives. Following my consultation with Sharon, I set up a visit with my primary care provider and shared my insights. My provider was also impressed with the details of my Health & Wellness Genetic Profile and immediately ordered specific lab tests to check for vitamin deficiencies. The report confirmed a few vitamin deficiencies and I'm now taking daily vitamin supplements boost these critical vitamin levels. I've also met with a dietician and shared my report. The dietician established a focused nutrition plan for me that helps me to limit the fats that the report confirmed are suspect for weight gain based on my genetic profile and designed a program that meets the suggested percentage of protein, fat and carbohydrates I should consume each day based on the recommended Genetic Dietary Profile included in my comprehensive report from AGS.

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product to help people like me to better understand how our genetics factor into our overall health and well-being. As a result of my personal experience with the Health & Wellness Genetic Profile and the concise interpretation I received from my AGS consulting session, I recommend this report for anyone interested in improving their health and well-being. The Profile results are making a big difference in my daily dietary decisions and I believe they will lead to optimal health outcomes for me. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful product and service!"

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Aldrin Guinto, Fitness Industry

[fa icon="plus-square"] "I've been in the fitness industry for 20 years now, after taking the AGS Genetic Health & Wellness test it changed everything!"

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I've been in the fitness industry for 20 years now, after taking the AGS Genetic Health & Wellness test it changed everything! From the right foods that I need to eat, exercises that I need to focus on to the vitamins that are essential for me and lots more! It is really a life changing and unique experience for me. Great job AGS


Maya Nahra, RD

[fa icon="plus-square"] "We incorporate AGS genetic testing in our weight loss program as an optional upsell (which typically 80% say yes to)."

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We incorporate AGS genetic testing in our weight loss program as an optional upsell (which typically 80% say yes to). The way we incorporate the test results is section by section, helping the client correct any potential areas of distress. This results in a more customized approach.

The outcome is a drastic increase in patient compliance. When a client sees ‘themselves on paper,’ they are more likely to follow the protocol therefore increasing their (and our overall) results. Incorporating this kind of testing into our weight loss program has been very helpful

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