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SkinHealth Genetic Testing 
for Healthier, Radiant Skin


Understand your unique 
genetic makeup that 
defines your skin health

Delay the Aging Process and Maintain Healthier Skin

About the SkinHealth Genetic Test

Your genetic test results will encourage a proactive approach to achieve and maintain healthier skin and a healthier you:

  • Maintain Sufficient Hydration
  • Reduce Inflammation and Irritation
  • Adjust Diet and Supplements
  • Select Optimal Cosmetic Products
  • Enhance Skin Repair Decrease
  • Lessen Glycation Risk
  • Diminish Wrinkles
  • Thermoregulate
  • Control Acne Breakouts
  • And More!
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  • Why do I burn so quickly when exposed to sunshine?

  • Why does my skin get irritated so easily?

  • How do I get rid of my acne and balance my skin?

  • Why do I have so many wrinkles and look older than I really am?

Your skin reveals the story of your life, from the texture of your skin throughout your youth to the smile lines around your mouth and eyes resulting from laughter as you age. Your skin plays a significant role in your personality and makes you who you are today.

Your skin is your largest organ, the first line of defense against all external factors, and often one of the first things people notice about you. But how to take the best care of your skin can be a confusing problem. There is no shortage of products with big promises about youthful skin, but the evidence for their effect isn't always clear. It's easy to spend hundreds of dollars on products that may not work well for you, even when they seem to benefit someone you know. So why not let your unique genetics help guide your choices?

Your genetics predispose you to specific skin characteristics and understanding what role your genes have can help you choose the right skin care to counter the effects and prevent damage in the future.


There are many genes associated with skin function and maintenance. Some genes produce the materials that make our skin firm and elastic, while others play a role in keeping skin hydrated. Whether or not you burn easily, you can suffer from the sun's damaging effects without even knowing it - but your genes can help give you answers.

Using your unique DNA, AGS' SkinHealth Genetic Test provides recommendations on how to better protect your skin, keep it sufficiently hydrated, avoid irritation, reduce inflammation, and enhance repair. These recommendations empower you to act, making changes to your diet, supplements, and cosmetic products to help delay the aging process and maintain healthier, more beautiful skin.

Skin health is essential for both men and women and we know skin care is expensive. An AGS SkinHealth Genetic Test can help you personalize your skin care regimen to fit your unique requirements; all of what you need, none of what you don't.

In an AGS SkinHealth Genetic Test report, we reveal the genetics of your skin that can help you navigate the maze of products available and choose the best strategies to help keep your skin healthy. Better skin health starts with awareness.


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Your easy-to-read report includes a simplified one-page summary for a quick review of your overall skin health. Determined by an AGS proprietary algorithm, Your Overall Genetic Skin Category identifies a specific skin care regimen and provides recommendations based on your unique genes.

Because we are transparent in our reporting, your report includes a detailed analysis of your genetic profile along with your specific genotypes. Being aware of your genetic tendencies allows you the ability to reach your skin health goals.


Achieve and Maintain Healthier Skin Guided By Your Genes


While you cannot change your genetic makeup, you can take active steps to reduce the risk of certain negative skin effects. Personalized genetic information allows you to focus on the modifiable lifestyle factors such as your skin care regimen, what products you use, and altering your diet or adding appropriate vitamin supplements to encourage skin repair.

To support your effort to achieve healthy, radiant skin, AGS has developed a proprietary algorithm that identifies Your Overall Genetic Skin Category. In this section of your report, a name such as Cinnamon, Eve, Dew, Sage, Poppy, or Mint will be displayed. Your skin category takes each of your genotypes into consideration and provides a general overview to help tailor your skin care regimen. There is no ideal skin type; you are beautifully unique, outside and in.



To gather your unique DNA, the simple and painless test requires only that a cotton swab be rubbed on the inside of your cheek. The sample will be delivered and analyzed in our state-of-the-art laboratory and you will receive your report in approximately two weeks.


Complete Simple Form
Collect Cheek Swab
Tested at AGS Laboratory
Report Delivered
in 3 - 4 Weeks

A New Standard of Skin Healthcare

  • Complete Data Privacy
  • Safe and Painless
  • Private Consultation
  • Accurate Genetic Test
  • Actionable Findings
  • One Test, One Time, Lifetime of Understanding


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