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As a health professional, advising patients and clients is the foundation of your business. Your assessment of each individual client takes in as many factors as possible in order to provide a prescriptive path. Baseline testing, detailed patient history, physical assessment, and environmental factors play a part in the process. But is one cutting-edge diagnostic tool missing that would give you greater insight and knowledge into their health? What else is available to help businesses stand out from the current competition and help clients see quicker health results? You've come to the right place. 


A few benefits of becoming an AGS Provider:

  • Customize a Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Plan. Based on individual DNA results, you will have a huge advantage in creating unique health plans and supporting each of your clients to achieve optimal health. Medical breakthroughs in the field of genomics have furthered our understanding of human potential and have created a whole new field of enlightened customized healthcare and wellness.
  • Sense of Confidence. Armed with an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test report or a Drug Sensitivity Genetic Test report, you can feel confident in providing details to your client about their specific DNA that will undoubtedly support and enhance any health advice you give. This factual data is the cornerstone in shifting away from generalized advice.
  • Client Compliance. Clients are more likely to be compliant if they understand, and can validate, the information given to them. Of course, seeing physical changes and positive results will also help. With genetic data in hand, you will have the ability to address genetic factors that may be restricting your client from seeing the results they are desiring (An AGS genetic report is often referred to an individuals 'personal owner's manual'.). This gives you the ability to more precisely guide your client through a much more targeted program.
  • Web-Based Platform. Coming soon! The first website to market that integrates genetic testing results and the real-time health informatics collected from leading wearable technology devices into one powerful tool.

We make it easy for you:



Increase your client's health with AGS Genetic Testing:

  • No more guessing. Provide patients/clients with personal information about their unique biology.
  • Create a new source of revenue. Innovate your business practice with cutting-edge genetic testing and technology.
  • Personalize your offerings. Improve the overall health and wellness of your clients with a genetic owner's manual.



Easy-to-read and understand genetic reports



Access to exclusive AGS Provider resources and training



100% Private and Secure




Assistance with interpretation and implementation of data

Simple 3-Step Process to Get Started

Step #1: Create Account

Click one of the “Create Account” buttons above or below to complete your online AGS Provider application. Once approved, we’ll schedule a 1:1 consultation with your assigned AGS Liaison to walk you through the steps to finalize your accounts and to and get you set up with everything you’ll need to begin offering AGS Genetic Testing to your clients and/or patients.

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Step #2: Setup Your Account

Once your account has been established, you'll gain immediate access to the AGS Provider Portal. From here, you'll complete the set up process and have access to education and training materials, resources, sample reports, marketing collateral, and more. We’ll also mail out your AGS New Provider Kit with marketing brochures and genetic test kits.

Step #3: Start Testing 

With a robust support team, your AGS Liaison and everything you need to hit the ground running, you’ll be all set to begin incorporating AGS Genetic Testing into your business. We’ll be here to assist every step of the way and will guide you through the implementation process from start to finish.


AGS Genetic Tests


Health & Wellness

  • Premium Genetic Test:
       • 51 genes and 60 SNPs
  • NutraFit Genetic Test
       • 23 genes and 25 SNPs
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Medical/Medication Management

  • Drug Sensitivity/PGx Genetic Test:
    Premium: 19 genes and 60 SNPs
    Choice: 10 genes and 27 SNPs
  • Caris Life Sciences Test (Asia Only)
        Cancer treatment
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Ancillary Services

  • Consulting Packages
  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Micronutrient Testing
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Upcoming Tests & Services

  • Web Platform and Mobile App
  • Microbiome GutCheck Genetic Test
  • SkinHealth Genetic Test

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