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AGS Provider Program:
Account Setup


Setting up your AGS Provider Account

Since you’re here, inside the AGS Provider Portal, it means that the AGS Support Team has already completed creation of your account and you should have received your AGS Provider Welcome Letter.

 Now, there are just a few quick action steps for you to complete and you’ll be all set to begin selling AGS Genetic Tests and integrating health and wellness genetic testing into your professional practice!


1_HWcircle_iconSign and return your AGS PROVIDER AGREEMENT


You have two options to complete this electronic and fillable document:

  • Option #1) Open online, complete each field, sign using electronic signature, save to your computer and return via email.
  • Option #2) Print, complete, sign and return via email. Once your agreement is received, we will execute it and return a copy to you for your records. All AGS Provider Agreements need to be sent directly to: Kendall@AGS-Health.com.

<< Click image to the right to complete your agreement >>



2_HWcircle_iconComplete setup of your SHOPIFY (wholesale) and/or AFFILIATLY (retail) purchase accounts.

AGS Providers have two options for purchasing genetic test collection kits and integrating genetic testing into their professional practices:

  • Option #1) WHOLESALE PURCHASING (SHOPIFY) – provider receives a 40% discount off all tests and ancillary services for resale to clients and/or integrated into professional programs, offerings, and existing services. -OR-
  • Option #2) RETAIL PURCHASING (AFFILIATLY) – provider receives a 30% commission from sales via their unique Affiliatly URL by clients, friends and family members who to purchase genetic test kits direct from AGS (please note that, due to STARK and Anti-Kickback laws, medical providers do not have access to this purchase option).

    Click below to complete setup of your wholesale and/or retail purchase accounts:


Accessing and Setting Up Your AGS Provider Account


All AGS Providers will have an account through our affiliate tracking partner, Affiliatly.



3_HWcircle_iconOrder your personal genetic test kits and start integrating testing with clients!

AGS Providers receive (3) genetic test kits of their choice at half price. These can be ordered via the WHOLESALE PURCHASE LINK above.  These kits can be used for yourself, family, and staff members. If you have a large team and would like to request approval of additional test kits at this special discounted rate, please use the Chat Bot below or the Contact Form to connect with Kendall and make your request.

That’s it. You’re set and ready to go. You can begin selling AGS genetic tests immediately while awaiting arrival of your AGS New Provider Kit, complete with collection kits and marketing materials.

Using Your Affiliatly  Store:


These instructions will walk you through the entire set-up process, along with the “ins and outs” of ordering genetic test kits and other AGS products and services for your clients. These instructions must be followed exactly to ensure accuracy of commissions and to avoid any potential fraud-related issues associated with PCI regulations for the use of credit card purchases:

M155_A_AGS Provider Program_Account Training 1_Affiliatly

Click image above to view and download file.