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Now Offering Two 
Health & Wellness Genetic Tests for DNA Analysis.


You have the power to be your best. Your health is in your hands. Choose a test that is more budget friendly, or the more comprehensive test with its consultation session!


NutraFit Plus

$Call Us/

Health & Wellness Genetic Testing

• Test results remain private
• No opting out required
• Never sells or shares test results
• Does NOT test ancestry
• Does NOT trace genealogy


$Call Us/

Health & Wellness Genetic Testing

• Test results remain private
• No opting out required
• Never sells or shares test results
• Does NOT test ancestry
• Does NOT trace genealogy

NutraFit Plus vs. Premium (2020)


What we do:

We know our test costs more than our competitors; we believe the results you'll get from your Health & Wellness Genetic Test and privacy are worth every penny. We now offer tests of either 25 or 60 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) for greater accuracy. 

  • A SNP, pronounced "SNIP", represents a difference or variation in a single DNA building block or nucleotide
  • There are 10 million SNPs in the human genome
  • SNPs can act as "biological markers"; they can help scientists locate genes associated with disease
  • SNPs are very important in the study of human health

Unapologetically, this is what we don't and won't do:

  • We don't do ancestry testing; this could involve sharing your personal information and data
  • We don't do genealogy; this could involve sharing your personal information and data
  • We don't test for paternity, this could involve comparing and sharing your personal information and data
  • We will never share or sell your data; therefore, you won't have to opt-in or opt-out of sharing your data


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Benefits of the AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test


A comprehensive and unique Health & Wellness test

Knowing about your health & wellness guides you to become the best you possible, helping you to:

  • Boost Energy 
  • Enhance Vitality
  • Increase Muscle and Bone Health
  • Control Weight
  • Optimize Exercise Routine
  • Improve Mood
  • Identify Vitamin Deficiencies

One test, one time; a lifetime of understanding

Our genes are set when we are born, there is no changing them.

However, not all genes are active and this is explained by gene expression. Changing environmental conditions or lifestyle choices can activate or deactivate genes.

  • Newborns: Learn about propensities and potential deficiencies to guide lifestyle choices
  • Children: Gain knowledge about your child’s individual nutritional needs for proper energy levels to grow, learn and be active
  • Teenagers: Preparing for athletic scholarships and adulthood
  • Adults: Get empowered to make informed decisions about your body and make lifestyle choices in areas such as diet, exercise, nutrition, and weight management that are suitable for you
  • Elders: Genetic test results may help doctors make recommendations for treatment or monitoring, and give them more information for making decisions about your health and your family's health

Simple cheek swab

Why a cheek swab is the preferred method:

There is little difference in the genetic information obtained from saliva, blood, or cheek swab.

  • Cheek swabs are effective, yet inexpensive. Buccal swabs aren’t like regular cotton swabs; they’re specially designed to effectively collect and trap cheek cells within the fibers
  • Since two swabs per participant are included in the kit, the lab gets all the DNA it needs to perform the testing
    • It is a non-invasive method of collection; no needles or pain
    • Unlike collecting saliva, it is easy to collect good DNA samples from the smallest child--even a newborn!
    • Swabs do not require refrigeration
    • It is easier to ship completed swab to the laboratory than blood sample


We empower you with actionable test results

With the results in your hands, you have choices to make.

  • Use the actionable recommendations and what you learn about yourself for better health and wellness
  • Diet: Eat purposefully; learn what type of diet best fits your genes and helps promote better health
  • Foods: Learn about what foods will promote better health, and which ones to avoid for your individual genes
  • Vitamins: Be attentive to potential vitamin deficiencies and focus on what you need to take in as part of what you eat as well as the supplements you might take
  • Exercise: Based on your genes, learn what exercises will help you with your power, endurance or both


Privacy of your data, and why it matters

Invest in your privacy. Privacy isn't about semantics, or opting out. It is either private or it's not.

Sharing your genetic information with others could be used against your interests. Put more simply, you may be:

  • Denied health or life insurance
  • Denied an employment opportunity and/or employment benefits
  • Negatively affected by family members’ DNA test results
  • Faced with the complex ethical issue of newborn genetic screening that unveils futurist possibilities of both curable and incurable diseases
  • And more

We don't and won't sell or share your data

Data is power, data is worth money. Companies pay a lot for your information. We won't sell your data to make it less expensive. 

  • AGS utilizes an independent infrastructure platform that entirely isolates and protects sensitive data from the outside world. It's safe, secure and backed up redundantly on the ground. This means your data can't be hacked through internet access, as it isn't saved on cloud servers.
  • It is never sold; we also never strip your identifiers (such as name or Social Security number) from your data and share it or sell it. Even after removing these 'identifiers', your genetic data is forever linked to only one person in the world, you.
  • It is never shared (or sold), unless you share it with your physician on your own
  • It is not used for research
7-AGS-NEVER-Shares-Your Data

Complete Genetic Testing Data Transparency

We deliver full, accurate, and timely disclosure of all information

  • We test 60 SNPs and report on all 60, we report on all genes tested
  • We will not contact you on a future date asking for more money to send you undelivered information on data previously collected
  • Fact: We do not have a hidden agenda; our goal is to empower you with your genetic information to make healthier lifestyle choices

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