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Research shows that 75% of how we look, feel, and perform is based on what we eat. Choosing what foods to eat is often difficult due to:

  • Time constraints (fast food can be very convenient)
  • Having bad choices available (the fridge is empty and the pantry is filled with processed foods)
  • Simple cravings (sugar!)

But if we have a plan, what we eat is something we can control. It is because of this that AGS has partnered with Factor 75, a chef-prepared meal delivery company. Together, we help our clients to build a stronger foundation in order to achieve optimal health with less effort and setbacks. This goes hand in hand with understanding your DNA and empowering your journey even further.

Become your best with weekly meal plans that offer a variety of food options that fit any healthy lifestyle. With a Factor 75 subscription, you will also receive weekly tips from a Registered Dietitian and the ability to choose foods based on your AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test Report (Your Genetically Optimized Nutrition Plan and Your Genetic Dietary Profile: pie chart indicating the percentage of daily macronutrients; protein, carbohydrates, and fats). Armed with the knowledge of your genetics and many healthy food choices, you will have a personalized plan you can rely on.

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What Genetic Dietary Profile are you?


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1. Choose Your Plan and Meals

Pick your plan, then pick out the meals you'd like on your first order. Each week we rotate in new meals and customer favorites for you to choose from.

 2. Get It Delivered

Your meals will arrive in an insulated box so you don’t have to be home when they’re delivered. All packaging material can be recycled. Our Zero Oxygen ™ packaging guarantees freshness up to 9 days.

3. Heat and Eat

Enjoy fresh, chef-crafted meals that nourish your mind and body in 2 minutes or less. Figure out what you want to do with all the extra time you’ll save!