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DNA Genetic Testing Kit For
Health and Wellness

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For Optimal Health, Let Your Home DNA Test Results Guide You

We all know that maintaining an active lifestyle should be one of our top priorities in life. Only by taking care of ourselves do we stand a chance of being the kind of woman we strive to be on the job, at home with our loved ones, and in our communities. But that doesn't mean it’s easy.

As women, we struggle to exemplify a healthy work-life balance. Finding time to exercise on a daily basis sounds more like a dream for most women. But what if you could unlock your unique biological puzzle and know exactly what was required to achieve your health goals? What if you were given the gift of knowledge to know precisely what you needed to do, or not do, to safely and efficiently achieve optimal health within the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort? Sounds too good to be true?

DNATesting is about your vitality

Wouldn't it be great to know that depriving yourself from the carbs you love won’t keep your waistline in check. What if you learned that switching out one day of cardio for a day of resistance training could tip the scales to give you the forward momentum you need?

It is time to take care of you!

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DNA Testing optimize your health and wellness

Incorporating the results of the AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test will give you great insight into designing the best training program for your individual success. Your DNA test results will take the guesswork out of a truly successful exercise and diet plan and will help build self-confidence by significantly reducing the possibility of failure.

Here's some ways how AGS DNA testing will help you

  • Learn your own unique DNA fundamentals and gain the inside scoop on what would propel you forward in achieving your health goals safely and effectively.
  • Feel better about your diet and nutirition based on what your body needs and wants.
  • The test identifies your vitamin deficiencies as well as what your body naturally produces.
  • Incorporate the results of our Health & Wellness Genetic Test into your current exercise regimen -- it will give you great insight into designing the best possible routine for your individual success.

It is time to work with your body and not against it!


Increase Energy Level: Feel better with the right exercise, diet, nutrition and supplements without guessing. Stop buying the next new thing and putting stuff into your body that it doesn't need.
Save Time: Our science helps fast track you to optimal fitness by taking the guess-work out. Avoid time lost from chasing the next fad or cleanse.


Increase Muscle and Bone Strength: Learn what your body needs to sustain peak muscle activity and bone strength.
Control Body Mass: Get to your ideal BMI and weight faster and safer with science that works with you, not against you. 
Optimize Fitness: Do what your DNA says is best for you, not what a TV personality, the latest book or article says is best. 
Take The Right Supplements:  Have a cupboard full of supplements? Quit guessing. Your DNA results identify possible vitamin deficiencies. Save money each month and take only what your body needs.
Maximize Performance: Your DNA test results will show you the "science of you" and how to maximize your exercise and diet to work together in harmony.
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 One Test For Life. 
 It's Easy, Safe, Secure & Private. 

Get this free brochure if you have ever wondered...

  • Why your BMI (Body Mass Index) and controlling your weight seems impossible, despite dieting and exercising intensely
  • Why you crave certain foods like sweets and carbs
  • Why you don't feel satisfied even after a large meal
  • If you would respond better to endurance exercise over strength exercise
  • If the vitamin supplements you take are right for your body


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Your DNA

YOU ARE GENETICALLY UNIQUE – We all are. Your genes explain why you react differently to exercise regimens and essential nutrients than those you train with. Similarly, your DNA also influences how your body functions, such as how your body utilizes and metabolizes fats and sugars or how your body responds after a soft tissue injury.


The science of your DNA testing will give you:

  • Actionable results in an easy to read summary
  • In depth information on 60 SNPs (a SNP, pronounced "SNIP", represents a difference or variation in a single DNA building block or nucleotide)
  • Your results are private, and never shared

Your Fitness

EXERCISE THE RIGHT WAY - Let your body's DNA define what you do. Working out needs to be about you and what is best for your body. Working out harder is not always the answer and can produce marginal results, or isn't sustainable, or even worse creates injuries. The missing piece of the puzzle may be knowing your genotype. Your test results will illuminate:

  • What specific types of exercises work with your DNA and body
  • How many times should you exercise per week and how long a workout session should be
  • Liklihood of Injury and Recovery based on your tissue type
  • Diet, fitness and exercises that will benefit both your HDL and LDL Cholesterol levels
  • Which exercises can help control your blood pressure 

Your Diet and Nutrition

EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR BODY – Your DNA identifies which specific foods you should eat to gain the nutrients needed to get healthy. Eating healthy to feed your body is a major contributor to optimal health. A genetic test report identifies the ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats that best suit your genotype and gives specific results that will guide you to eating right for your genotype. It also looks at MUFAs and PUFAs and how you process these healthy fats and what is best and not so good for you.

Included with a purchase of the AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test is a free consultation with a genetic nutritionist. During your consultation, we will review your report and answer any questions you may have as you develop a plan to implement your new found knowledge of yourself.

Your Supplements

SUPPLEMENT THE SMART WAY -  Your body may not be able to process particular food to extract the vitamins and nutrients it needs. A slight diet change could help kick your body to the next level or suggest which daily supplements will help. Many individuals take suggestions from peers, but your DNA is unique. An AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test report will define areas of deficiency to take the guesswork out of the equation.
Unlock the secret of your body--let knowledge of your genes take you to a new level of fitness.


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