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Understanding your DNA
is the next step towards
optimal fitness and health

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Genetic testing can help you at every level of fitness and health. 


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Elite Fitness Level

Competing and performing, against yourself and others is what drives you forward. Competition is highly motivating, but alone it won’t make you achieve future fitness goals without a carefully designed fitness and nutrition program. Take your program to the next level to become a champion.

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Maintain Current Fitness Level

You are doing a good job of taking care of yourself but you are finding that as time goes by, your fight is an uphill battle. In order to continue doing what you enjoy, you must maintain what you have going for you. We can help by focusing on your unique genes to strategize the best plan.

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Want to Lose Weight

You're not at the top of your game. Maybe you're not as fit, healthy or active as you'd like to be. Maybe you've tried it all...or so you thought. Through genetic testing learn what to do, or what not to do. Establish a solid plan-of-attack to change your lifestyle, get control of your weight and regain some lost vitality.

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It's time to make your move. Take control of your health, diet, vitality and the clock.