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Game Changer--Factor 75 + AGS Health & Wellness DNA Testing on Windy City Live

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 15, 2017 11:47:45 AM / by The AGS Team

The AGS Team


This is a game changer for your health...

On December 14th, Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) and Factor 75 (F75) were featured on Chicago’s most watched news TV show - Windy City Live, ABC Channel 7's "Made in Chicago" segment. Factor 75 owner and former MMA fighter, Nick Wernimont was live with the hosts to discuss F75's exciting partnership with AGS. Weeks before this segment aired the news anchors had taken the AGS Health & Wellness Genetic tests and each had already had their consultation with both AGS's nutritionist Sharon Brack as well as one of F75's dietitians. Nick highlighted each Windy City Live anchor’s unique genetic differences and similarities in nutrition, supplements, and exercise.

Nick brought actual meals for each anchor. "We use your DNA to cater a meal based on your genome-type." Nick Wernimont told the anchors, "By tailoring a meal plan that fits best [each of you] genetically." Nick went on to say that when creating meals for genome types, ratios (fats-proteins-carbs) matter. Quality of ingredients matter. All of these matter when striving for your optimal weight and fitness level. One of Factor 75's mantras is, "ingredients with integrity". 


Two Test Options to fit your needs and budget:

It should be noted that AGS has two tests, the Premium Test and Lite Tests. While the Lite test covers basics like the ideal proportions of foods for your genome type, it covers 25 SNPs instead of the 60 SNPS that the Premium test does, and at a lower price. As such the Lite test doesn't include the one-on-one twenty minute consultation with AGS's genetic nutritionist, but if you're already a Factor 75 member and you purchase a Lite kit through F75, it will include a consult with their in-house dietitian, where they will walk you through your test results to help determine the optimal meal plan, to be delivered to your door.

Watch the video below, or click here to compare the two test types. If you're a F75 member and you purchase the Premium test, you'll get a bonus of sorts--much greater depth in test results and two consultations--one with AGS, one with F75!




The WIndy City's anchors took the Premium test. The anchor's test results reported on all 60 SNPS tested. (Not all companies test and report all of your data to you. Some keep it and sell it; AGS does not.) This test was ideal for the anchors, who wanted to do a deep dive into their genomes to really find out about their DNA in terms of optimal health, diet, fitness and overall wellness--and learn how we all are influenced by our genes. Click to learn more about the AGS H&W test here.


AGS' tests are simple, safe, non-invasive, and your results are private and never shared. We show you all of the results on what we test.


  1. It all begins with a swab inside of your mouth...as Nick said on the show..."It is also simple." Many company's tests require you to fill up a container with your spit. Sorry...that's disgusting and takes a while, when you think about it. AGS makes it easy with the swabs. 
  2. "Take a swab. Mail it in. 2 weeks later get your results". Once you swab inside your mouth--which takes 30 seconds--you put the two swabs in their pouch, into a prepaid mailer and off it goes.
  3. In a couple of weeks you'll have your results mailed to you, along with a link to schedule your consult. "Then you can schedule a consult with our [AGS'] genetic nutrition team, so they go through a menu that fits your [genetically optimized] macronutrient profile.", Nick said. Of course, the sooner you use the link and schedule your consult, the sooner you can embark on eating and exercising based on your genes versus the latest fad diet to come along.
  4. During the phone consult you'll have twenty minutes to review your test results and ask questions. If you're someone who needs accountability to succeed, AGS is here to help. There are options to sign up for additional consultation sessions to keep you moving forward towards your goals.
  5. At this point in the process, you now know more about yourself; your propensities, deficiencies, foods to eat or avoid, exercises best suited for you...but let's be honest, the burden of implementing what you've learned is on you. The Premium Genetic test defines "Your Health Awareness and Effort Score", which will give you an idea of how much energy you have to put into all of these areas to be the best you can be. And it does take work, it does take discipline. But at least you have a clear path towards optimal health. Look for an upcoming blog on the Effort Score in the near future.

In summary, during the segment, Valerie Warner, one of the Windy City Live Anchors noted, "If you have been struggling with your weight or yo-yo-ing for a while, this could be a game changer!" She is right...imagine great tasting, nutritious meals that are based on your unique DNA--delivered to your door-- as a truly personalized nutrition plan. Now that is leaps forward in our desire to look better, feel better and be healthier.   

As Nick said on Windy City Live, AGS's tests are the missing "Owner's manual for your body" that can help you make better health decisions. For more about how your owner's manual can help you, check out. Part 1 of "Health & Wellness DNA Tests: The Body "Owner's Manual".


For a limited time there is Windy City Discount, where you can save 15% off the price of a kit.  Looking for that Christmas gift "that keeps on giving"? Use the buy button below, and during the payment phase type in the discount code "windycity". Get the word out, and share this using the hashtag #wcl !


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The AGS Team

Written by The AGS Team

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