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Weight Control and Three Benefits From a DNA Test Based Diet

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 21, 2017 3:34:30 PM / by The AGS Team

The AGS Team

Are you having trouble reaching your health or weight goals? 


Depositphotos_2779078_original_SM.jpgIn a recent post entitled "Thanks Science! 3 health benefits of a DNA diet" on TheList.com, author Lindsey Granger interviewed AGS nutritionist Sharon Brack. Granger asked Brack about weight control and three distinct areas where a genetic test for health and wellness can help. 

She quotes Brack as saying, "The answer could be in your DNA". Pointing out that "genetic testing can dial in to exactly what you need for optimal health and finding out about three health benefits." Based on your unique genes, an AGS genetic test helps identify:

  • The best fitness and exercise program
  • What to eat and drink
  • What vitamins and supplements your body needs 

You can watch the complete video and interview below...

Optimal Fitness:

In the video and interview, Brack goes on about fitness, "the test pinpoints what fitness routine works best with your DNA. The breakdown of power verses endurance, based on genetics, will help maximize all the time and effort you put into your exercise routine so you don't waste time doing ineffective workouts."


Optimal Health Diet - Foods:

Concerning the foods you eat, this is called your Genetic Dietary Profile – what is the ratio of carbs, to fat, to protein that is ideal for you based on your DNA? Brack says that during the free one-on-one consultation with clients she goes over their individual test results; each test report includes a sample grocery list including what to eat and what to avoid. The test also shows which foods their body easily metabolizes. They may be an ultra-rapid, intermediate, normal or slow metabolizer. The report also identifies how they metabolize caffeine and alcohol. 


Optimal Nutrition, Vitamins and Supplements

Granger goes on to quote Brack saying, "A DNA test can reveal what vitamins your body may be lacking and tests genetically what vitamins you are able to absorb as well as which ones you are not able to absorb. This way you'll know which supplements will help your body function best."

During the consultation that is included in the cost of the test Brack can also schedule additional sessions with a client if they see the benefit of accountability and coaching. Brack is a Nutritionist and Holistic Health Counselor with an emphasis in Supplements, she is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.


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The AGS Team

Written by The AGS Team

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