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Surviving Finals Week: How to Stay Healthy During Finals - Part 1

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 12, 2017 12:31:10 PM / by Catherine Levesque posted in Diet & Eating, SNPs, Healthy eating 4 min read time

Unfortunately for us college kids and graduate students, we can’t quite get excited about the holiday season until we get through one dreadful thing, final exams. During this stressful time, it’s easy to start neglecting our health in favor of late nights in the library and excessive quantities of Red Bull. But let’s face it - we can’t perform to the best of our abilities when we put our health on the back burner. And after all, nobody wants to be 'that guy' coughing up a storm mid-test. Here’s a short list you can use guilt-free on your upcoming finals - a cheat-sheet to keep you feeling your best amidst the stress this month.


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What You Need To Know About The Fat Gene

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 2, 2017 11:21:45 AM / by Selinda Johnson posted in Genetic Testing, SNPs 3 min read time

FTO: The Fat Gene

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