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Sleep Your Way to the Top... Literally.

[fa icon="calendar'] May 25, 2017 1:19:24 PM / by Kelly Harkins posted in Sleep 2 min read time

Americans are becoming increasingly sleep-deprived and being busy with careers, parent-hood, errands, cooking, dishes, and everything else that lands on our plate, only makes it harder to optimize one's health and wellness. Uncomfortable bed or pillow, late nights out entertaining clients, early morning tweet-tweets from our fearless presidential leader, or a wicked TV addiction; you name it, it will throw you off kilter! Cheating your body out of the R&R needed can make you more prone to illness, stress, and even weight gain (some doctors swear that sleeping will actually do more than an exercise program to take off weight. Love that!!!). But there’s more to it than simple physical problems. Rob yourself of sleep, and you’ll find you never function at your personal best. Work decisions, relationship challenges, any life situation that require a thought process — they all require the judgment and problem-solving that only a rested brain can provide and are all handled best by an optimally rested noggin.

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