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Want to Lose Weight. What’s Your Effort Score?

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 27, 2018 1:37:07 PM / by Kelly Harkins posted in Motivation, Genetic Testing 101 5 min read time

For those of you who have purchased an AGS Premium Health & Wellness Genetic test or those who are undecided on which test to buy (Premium or Lite), here is one thing to know. One major difference between the Premium and Lite Genetic Tests is the proprietary AGS Health Awareness and Effort Score that is exclusively available in the Premium report only.

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40% of Happiness Is Your Choice

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 1, 2017 3:46:29 PM / by Kelly Harkins posted in Motivation 3 min read time

Even if you can’t control your circumstances, you can choose how you feel about them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were always in complete control?
If how you feel depends upon whether or not your kids cooperate with the morning routine, your coffee is made just right, no traffic for your morning commute, and your boss is in a good mood, you’re in trouble.

Guess what?

40% of how you feel is actually within your power!

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