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Changing Lives Through DNA Genetic Testing
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Why a DNA test is important to fine-tune your health

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 20, 2019 3:15:51 PM / by Amanda Archibald posted in Health & Wellness Test, Nutrition, Healthy eating 19 min read time

(Original Blog Post from The Genomic Kitchen linked here)

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Let’s be frank, before 23andme and Ancestry DNA, you probably weren’t talking too much about your DNA. For sure, you might have wondered about your family tree and done a bit of digging with some of your family photo albums and scrapbooks. But, did you make an appointment with your doctor knowing why a DNA test is important? Did you know how it can help to fine-tune your health?

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5 Ways To Combat Weight Gain During The Holidays

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 21, 2018 12:38:47 PM / by Andy Sorensen posted in Healthy eating 4 min read time

Ah, the holidays, they are approaching. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? The coming weeks are prime indulging days, the time of year when you feel tempted to give into lots of treats and forget about the good habits you have set in stone over the past year. You say 'I'll worry about the weight gain and consequences in January. I want to enjoy the holidays to the fullest!' 

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Bitter Foods. Love 'em or hate 'em?

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 16, 2018 1:14:14 PM / by Kev F. MacDonald posted in Diet & Eating, Healthy eating 2 min read time

Do you like bitter leafy greens and enjoy hoppy IPA’s or do you cringe when you even think of these items? It is true that your taste buds mature as you age and can change over time, but overall taste is one of the many things that can be influenced and even determined by your genes. The aversion to bitter tasting foods and drinks comes from many years of evolution and could have even saved your life thousands of years ago. This means that your taste choices may, in fact, be a result from your genes and not just you being a “picky eater”.

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5 Tips to Help Achieve Your Health Goals

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 6, 2018 11:09:55 AM / by Alex Olson posted in Diet & Eating, Healthy eating 2 min read time

Most people have the goal to live a long, happy, and healthy life. We all reach for these goals by exercising on a regular basis, as well as incorporating healthy foods into their diet. Although we have good intentions, life happens and sometimes their goals can be hard to achieve. If you want to succeed, it's a good idea to set some smaller goals to reach your main one. Goal setting can be sometimes challenging, so here are 5 tips to help get you started!

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Dieting: When is a Cheat Meal a Treat?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 30, 2018 10:46:06 AM / by Kev F. MacDonald posted in Healthy eating 2 min read time

Being on a diet takes determination, sacrifice and a lot of will-power. You cut back on the things you love and normally eat, maybe eat smaller portions, and sometimes the food you eat just doesn’t cut it on satisfying your taste buds. So the question is, is it ok to have a cheat meal? Can I have a treat without throwing all my hard work out the window?

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