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6 Benefits of Dark Chocolate for your Valentine

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 8, 2018 2:53:45 PM / by Nicole Urban posted in Diet & Eating 4 min read time

Valentines Day is right around the corner and every grocery store is stocked with endless amounts of chocolate. If you are trying to watch your weight, this might make you cringe. But, what if I told you that chocolate is actually considered a super food? There are many different types of chocolate but Dark Chocolate is the ultimate form that will increase your overall health and satisfy your taste buds. This Valentine's Day enjoy some of the six awesome health benefits of dark chocolate.



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Part 2: How to Eat Based on Your Genes: 65% C, 15% P, 20% F

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 30, 2018 12:28:18 PM / by Sharon Brack posted in Diet & Eating, Healthy eating 5 min read time

As part of the blog series 'How to Eat Based on Your Genes' that introduced the beginnings of how to 'match your wheel to your meal', this blog defines the Genetic Dietary Profile for 65% Carbs, 15% Proteins, and 20% Fats. If this is your pie chart, read on to understand how to organize your daily nutrition meal plan.

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How to Eat Based on Your Genes

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 24, 2018 9:53:32 AM / by Kelly Harkins posted in Diet & Eating, Healthy eating 2 min read time

Kick Off Your Genetic Journey with a Nutrition Plan!

AGS is excited to introduce a series of blogs teaching you how to eat each meal according to your Genetic Dietary Profile / pie chart / wheel. We also fondly refer to this as 'Matching your meal to your macro wheel'. 


We are all uniquely created. Imagine if we could obtain an Owners Manual for our individual bodies to run frequent maintenance and troubleshooting exercises when something is wrong. It would make things so much easier to adjust a few settings, push a few buttons, or just reboot our system to reset things! Unfortunately, it is not that simple. But, if you have your AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Report, you have the next best thing.

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5 Simple Health Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 4, 2018 8:12:31 AM / by Nicholas Hamati posted in Diet & Eating 4 min read time

These 5 simple health tips can help you start the new year off right! By following these tips on a consistent basis you are setting yourself up to feel better, be healthier, and accomplish more.

These tips most likely will not surprise you, as you have heard them MANY times before. But, sometimes we need to be reminded of the simple things ... and feel good when you can quickly reply, 'Yes, I do that!". In some cases, the gentle reminder is helpful to making the simple adjustment to get back on track. 

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Surviving Finals Week: How to Stay Healthy During Finals - Part 2

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 14, 2017 10:53:47 AM / by Catherine Levesque posted in Diet & Eating, Healthy eating 4 min read time

We’re back, with 3 more tips to help college and graduate students stay healthy as you tackle final exams!


1) You Still Need Water In The Winter

When temperatures dip down below zero and the sun starts to set at 4:00 pm, you’re way less likely to drink all the water your body needs. But just because it isn’t hot out, doesn’t mean you can fall short on H2O consumption, especially during finals season. Dehydration can lead to symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and exhaustion - all of which can hinder your ability to study and test well. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, “Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired.” One trick is to place a full cup of water by your bed before you sleep, and to chug it as soon as you wake up. On top of that, be sure to keep a water bottle with you throughout the day and set a goal to refill it every few hours (setting a timer on your phone can help you remember!). 

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