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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Tests

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 10, 2017 10:10:08 AM / by Alex Olson

Alex Olson

5topFAQ.jpgWhen considering a DNA genetic test, many questions arise, or they should. It is important to ask questions and to educate yourself before purchasing any test. At AGS, our mission is to empower all our clients with unique and actionable genetic data enabling smarter lifestyle choices. In doing so, we focus on educating our clients first before they buy a test! We also do this to make genetics more approachable and less scary. In the process of educating prospective buyers, we get asked many questions on a regular basis -- here are top five questions we at AGS are asked about prior to purchasing a test:



  1. What will a genetic test tell me about myself?

Understanding a little about the science behind genetics helps make our clients more comfortable before purchasing. To start, a SNP is simply a point in our DNA where a biologically meaningful variation occurs in greater than 1% of the population. These deviations can range from having no affect at all, to completely changing the way the proteins in your body operate. These SNPs act as “biological markers” that help scientists analyze genetic differences associated with human health and disease. It’s these variations which affect our body's response to nutrients, exercise, medications and more. Our ability to study these genes, SNPs and variations allows for more detailed and actionable reports to be created.

Depending on which AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test you choose --Premium Test or the new Lite Test-- the tests analyze many genes that are unique to your body in relation to optimal health and athletic performance. Educating yourself about your own genetic information will provide personal data that can help you make more informed health-related decisions about your personal health, goals, dietary habits, fitness, nutrition, and weight management that are best for YOU and your genes.


  1. 2. How is a DNA Genetic test different from an ancestral genetic test?

When many people hear about genetic testing, they almost automatically assume the test is about ancestry, or where their mothers and fathers family and genetic makeup comes from. Ancestral genetic testing only offers information on the genealogy of where your ancestors came from and other genealogical factors, such as your hair and eye color. The AGS Health & Wellness Genetic tests are different, as they do not test ancestry at all. Instead they emphasize the genes that are most important to your diet, nutritional supplementation, fitness, emotional and addictive behaviors, which is why we call them Health & Wellness tests.


  1. 3. How do I get the most value out of my DNA Genetic test results?

Review your test result, especially the Summary section in the beginning. If you are considering the Premium test, we suggest you make a list of goals you want to meet before having your consultation with our Genetic Health Specialists. During your consultation, the nutrition specialist will go over your results in detail and highlight the sections of the test that will best help you to reach your health goals. With your results and recommendations, you will have the tools to make lifestyle changes. If you choose the Lite Test, you'll be able to review your Summary and see what changes would be beneficial for you to make to improve your health. In the future look for news for AGS to offer a Lite Test Consultation for those who purchase the test and want to take what they've learned to the next level.


  1. 4. Will a DNA Genetic test help me to lose weight?
The AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test can be an outstanding tool to help with weight loss, as well as muscle gain and performance enhancement. If weight loss is the priority, the test results provide a Genetically Optimized Nutrition Plan based on your unique DNA. The test will determine and make recommendations as to the best type of exercise (power vs. endurance or speed) for your genetic makeup. This is so you get the most out of every minute of effort you put towards change, and don't waste time and energy. If you're going to buy, or have purchased our Premium Test, our Genetic Health Specialists will outline your results during your one-on-one phone consultation to help you achieve your specific weight goals. This additional step will help you get more value out of your test.


  1. 5. Why do I need a DNA Genetic test if I am already doing regular physicals and lab checks?

The AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test is based on your genetics and your DNA does not change. Lab work is blood based and changes by the hour. Both are essential in optimizing your health goals, in fact we find it very helpful for you to have your test results and a recent blood panel result in hand for a more complete picture of where you are today and help you get to where you want to be. With an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test you can learn how to become the best you possible! If you have more questions that need to be addressed, head over to our FAQ page on our website or click the button below if you'd like to speak with someone about which test is right for you.


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Alex Olson

Written by Alex Olson

Alex is now a senior at the University of Arizona, where she majors in Public Health with a minor in Nutritional Sciences.

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