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Press Release: Skin Health Genetic Test Introduced by Advanced Genomic Solutions

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 21, 2018 6:16:00 AM / by The AGS Team

The AGS Team

SkinHealth_Female_Male_ImageScottsdale, Arizona (November 20, 2018) - Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS), an international leader in genomic testing, announces the launch of the new AGS SkinHealth Genetic Test. This groundbreaking new test helps consumers take a proactive approach to achieve and maintain optimal skin health, prevent premature aging and improve immune function.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and the primary weapon in the fight against harsh environmental abuse. When skin is compromised, it becomes more susceptible to infection, inflammation, sensitivity and wrinkles. That’s why understanding genetic predisposition in response to certain conditions is the ultimate tool to optimize skin health.


Overall_Category_2AGS SkinHealth Genetic Test provides personalized information such as:

  • An individual’s ability to create collagen to assess the risk of wrinkles
  • Skin glycation
  • Premature aging 
  • How much oil the skin produces
  • Sensitivity to environmental trigger
  • How effective is the body using micronutrients


Identifying a genetic skin type can help a person reduce irritation and inflammation, control acne breakouts, maintain sufficient hydration and diminish wrinkles. It also helps consumers save money that would otherwise be wasted on cosmetic products that they don’t need or don’t work for their skin type.


SkinHealth_brochure_Web-2"With the launch of the AGS SkinHealth genetic test, consumers can now customize their skin care utilizing their unique genetic predispositions,” said Lance Bennett, co-founder at AGS. “Using this personalized approach to skin care will improve the overall health of the skin and find help create the perfect beauty routine.”


The AGS SkinHealth genetic test can be taken at home, using a cotton swab to collect DNA from inside the cheek. Mail the swab into the AGS lab and within a few weeks, consumers receive an individualized report to understand how their genetics affects their skin health.


Those wanting to learn more or purchase an AGS SkinHealth Test can click here to learn more.


About Advanced Genomic Solutions

Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) is an international leader in genomic testing that empowers clients with their unique genetic data. AGS simplifies and summarizes complicated genetic data into an easy-to-read report to educate clients to make more informed healthcare choices. With headquarters both in Scottsdale, Arizona and Central, Hong Kong, it offers nine best in class genetic tests. AGS’ laboratory is CAP and CLIA accredited. Unlike several other genetic companies, AGS does not sell or transfer any client’s data, providing strict confidentiality ensures our client’s data stays protected. For more information visit www.ags-health.com


Click the image below to learn more about SkinHealth! 

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The AGS Team

Written by The AGS Team

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