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How To Genetically Optimize Your Nutrition And Fitness!

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 24, 2017 3:05:50 PM / by Tina Chow

Tina Chow

This article is reposted by permission of the author. It originally appeared August 23nd, in Tina Chow's blog @fitchickscook.


"When I was younger, I am talking about when I was in my teens or early twenties, I used to chow down buffets all the time and not worry about weight gain. Now in my 30s, over eating is not a very comfortable feeling for both my stomach or my pant size.

I recently partnered with AGS Health to do a DNA test. The information gathered from this test is marketed as a way to help me to make smarter lifestyle choices and improve my health. I first mailed a sample of my DNA to AGS-Health and they analyzed the results and submitted a report to me. This report covered my particular food sensitivities and even suggestions on how to then tailor my nutrition and fitness needs to my personal biology and genetic makeup. It was an interesting read for sure and there were some things I was shocked about and some facts I already assumed to be true. I’ve summarized a few interesting bits of information below.




Lactose, Caffeine and Alcohol tolerancesTinaChow-1.png

I have an inability to digest lactose in dairy products. This is no shocker since I usually get bloated or gassy when I eat certain type of dairy products. Because of this, I’ve recently made to switch to take vegan product supplements instead of whey. Whey also affects my skin and causes me to break out, so I’ll monitor and see how this will change my skin over the next few months. I am also a fast metabolizer of caffeine, which came as no surprise either as I am not as affected by caffeine intake as others can be. Understanding if you are a fast or slow metabolizer of caffeine is so important because caffeine can really mess with your sleep quality if you are a slow metabolizer. The alcohol feedback was a confirmation for me. I have always reacted with hives and rashes every time I drink (I have the Asian glow lol). Because of this, I’ve pretty much stopped drinking for almost two years now and feel great!




My Recommended Macro Breakdown

I’ve only counted my macros for a short period of time and didn’t see that big of a change from intuitive eating so I stopped. But… when I was counting my macros, I was doing about 25% fat, 30% carbs, and 45% protein because I was looking for fat loss. But based on my unique genetic profile, my body supposedly works better on higher carbs and lower fat ratio. But to be honest, I have not really changed my diet since getting this result, but I have been lowering my fat intake and increasing protein. Starchy carbs have always made me feel sluggish so I take my carbs mostly through vegetables and fruits. So I would say that my past experience on higher carb diets wasn’t great and I’m somewhat hesitant to adjust my diet based on this new information.



My BehaviorsTinaChow-3.png

Food Cravings and Satiety – My genotype shows I have a tendency to have satiety andsatiation issues and that I have an impairment in feeling full during a meal and the inability to continue to feel full and satisfied after a meal. OMG! This explains all of the binge buffet eating I used to do! Apparently my receptors are slow to signal my brain that I am full and this can cause me to overeat! Over the past few months, I stopped pre-portioning my meal preps up and was doing more of batch cooking. I now realize that I have to pre-portion my meals out and really portion control all of my meals so ensure I don’t overeat! Back to cleaning endless food containers 🙁



Sweet Tooth


I always knew I was never a sweet tooth. I am more of a potato chips than a chocolate cake 

type of girl. This is a good thing!

Addictive Behaviors 

I don’t have the tendency to have addictive behaviors when it comes to food – I can usually just have one piece of cheesecake and stop. Again, another great thing! Thank you mom and dad 🙂


Exercise and Activity

 According to this test, my body works best on a 20% Power / 80% Endurance exercise regimen. I have the genes to do a marathon if I want to! But the odds are also against me ever being an Olympic weight lifter because my genetics are geared towards endurance exercise (running, cycling, swimming) than heavy power lifting. To be honest, I am not exactly sure what this means or if I agree. I currently mix up my exercise routines with cardio endurance, HIIT and some lifting. Although I have to admit, I do sleep a lot better with more endurance type exercises than lifting, so maybe there is some truth to this.




I love that the test was easy and quick. The turnaround time was about 2 weeks to get your results!

Part of this test also gets you a one-on-one telephone call with a licensed nutritionist or exercise professional with no extra cost to review your results and answer any questions you may have. That was really helpful in understanding my AGS report.


The DNA Test Kit is a bit pricey, so if you guys are looking to get this test done, feel free to use promo code “INSTAGENES” to receive an extra $50 off the kit.

Learn More


Hope you found my experience useful.



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Tina Chow

Written by Tina Chow

My name is Tina Chow but better known as @fitchickscook on IG. I work for a bank as my day job and meal prepping & fitness, along with health and wellness, are personal hobbies / interests of mine. This blog is a place for me to share my fitness journey, my homemade recipes and maybe a little personal blogging here and there, too. I am definitely not a fitness professional or diet guru and I don’t claim to know it all either.

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