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Crossfitters Can Now Alter Their WOD Based on Their DNA Test Results

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 31, 2017 9:20:41 AM / by Kendall Utter

Kendall Utter

Did you know that if you're a Crossfitter, that you can alter your WOD based on your genes?


In 2000, Greg Glassman started the fitness program that is known today as Crossfit; little did he know he would be starting a complete fitness revolution. With more than 13,000 boxes (gyms) nationwide, this Spartan-like workout regimen has taken over, with a near cult-like following. Crossfit is based off of challenging workouts, aka WODs (Workout of the day) that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat.

WOD perfect based off your DNAIf you crossfit, you know what it's like. You’ll apprehensively walk into your box, flip flops and all, and approach the whiteboard wondering what shoes you’ll need for today's session of challenge. I know, it sounds like torment right? Well, not really. Unlike that guy that’s at the gym 7 days a week, fitness journal in hand, ONLY doing triceps on Tuesdays, Crossfit allows you to take on a range of fitness experiences. In today’s world, working out has to be (mostly) fun and effective. But, for it to truly be effective, you have to know your body and how it will perform, and the truest way to find out that information is through your unique genetic code.


I am sure you all know several people that do Crossfit and love it. It’s almost hard not to. Each WOD is tailored to specific muscles each day, that way you get a break from Monday's arm-based WOD going into Wednesday's leg day. This usually doesn’t happen when you workout with machines that are doing half the work for you. You’ll be sore in muscles that you didn’t even know you had. Just wait. This program gets your body into the best shape you can ask for. If you commit, you will be a literal lean, mean, fighting machine. With genetics being that “in” thing now, one might think that Crossfit is all one needs, however Crossfit isn’t for everyone (i.e. It’s mean and not for wimps).


When I started my crossfit journey, I really wish that I had done an AGS Health & Wellness genetic test done first. Initially, I did low reps at high weights because that’s what everyone else did! When I "unzipped my genes" so-to-speak with a DNA test, I discovered the need to stick with low weights, high reps and more cardio. I now have the option to tailor every WOD to my genetics.


Crossfit can be for everyone, if you're willing. I’ve seen 7-year-olds do it as well as 70-year-olds participate in a full WOD. If you are going into Crossfit wanting to slim down, be aware. Based off my personal experience, I did slim down, then gained weight in muscle, so I was a bit shocked when I stepped on the scale some time later. Little did I know until after the fact that I have genes that make me bulk up -- every skinny guys dream!


Knowing your genetic makeup can only help you reach your personal goals and optimal fitness easier and faster than ever before. It won't do the work for you, sorry. Combining these two can be inarguable for even the athletes participating in the crossfit games. 


Well that newer and better “in thing” is knowing yourself and your genetic makeup. A simple cheek swab can change your life. Consider an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test kit today, and customize your WOD just for you! Here's a free brochure you can download to learn more.


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Kendall Utter

Written by Kendall Utter

Kendall is an ASU graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and has future goals to work for the government with the CDC, FBI or DEA... or all of the above.

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