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Dr Chan Hoi Chung Samuel

Dr Chan Hoi Chung Samuel
Dr Chan Hoi Chung Samuel is a family doctor working in private practice. He got three masters degrees including master of science in endocrinology, master of science in cardiology and master in musculoskeletal medicine and rehabilitation

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Weight Management --An Exercise Prescription Based On Your Genes

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 20, 2017 5:42:30 PM / by Dr Chan Hoi Chung Samuel posted in DNA Testing, Diet & Eating, Exercise 2 min read time

What causes obesity?

Obesity is normally the result of excessive calorie intake, a lack of healthy exercise, or a combination of the two. Sometimes disease or pre-existing conditions can also be a contributing factor. Consuming fewer calories or increasing regular exercise leads to weight loss, but exactly how beneficial these actions are to weight reduction for a particular person depends very much on his/her genetic makeup.

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