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Changing Lives Through DNA Genetic Testing
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Amanda Archibald

Amanda Archibald
Amanda Archibald, RD is the founder of The Genomic Kitchen, a system of choosing, preparing and understanding food based on culinary genomics, a term she coined to express this revolutionary merging of nutrigenomics and the culinary arts. Widely recognized for her trailblazing work as a culinary nutritionist and dietitian, Amanda has a longstanding commitment to redefining the food, nutrition and cooking education footprint in ways that make them understandable, meaningful and fundamentally achievable for all Americans.

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Why a DNA test is important to fine-tune your health

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 20, 2019 3:15:51 PM / by Amanda Archibald posted in Health & Wellness Test, Nutrition, Healthy eating 19 min read time

(Original Blog Post from The Genomic Kitchen linked here)

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Let’s be frank, before 23andme and Ancestry DNA, you probably weren’t talking too much about your DNA. For sure, you might have wondered about your family tree and done a bit of digging with some of your family photo albums and scrapbooks. But, did you make an appointment with your doctor knowing why a DNA test is important? Did you know how it can help to fine-tune your health?

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