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Changing Lives Through DNA Genetic Testing
The AGS Blog & Press Releases

AGS Laboratory Update and COVID-19 PCR Testing

Want To Be Different A Year From Now?

Oh Em Gee Veggie Burgers from Oh She Glows

Announcement: AGS to Attend the 2019 National Wellness Institute (NWI) Conference

Press Release: AGS Welcomes Ross Matthews as Managing Director Asia Pacific Region

Press Release: Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS), LLC Partners with the National Wellness Institute, Inc (NWI) to Promote Health & Wellness Genetic Testing

Why a DNA test is important to fine-tune your health

AGS: An Innovative Solution to Ineffective Employee Wellness Programs

Press Release: Let’s get physical! Youfit partners with Advanced Genomic Solutions to offer customized workouts

Holiday Privacy

Give The Gift Of Health To The Person On Your List Who Already Has Everything

Press Release: Youfit Health Clubs Partners with Advanced Genomic Solutions

Make Exercise FUN During the Holidays!

Tis the Season to Beat the Holiday Rush. Get 30% off Site Wide Today.

Holiday-Themed Cocktails...With a Heathy Twist

15 Great Gift Ideas 2018

5 Ways To Combat Weight Gain During The Holidays

Press Release: Skin Health Genetic Test Introduced by Advanced Genomic Solutions

Your Health Related Data is Valuable. Keep it Private. Keep it Secure!

Make Your Home A Gym With These 6 Exercises

Whose DNA Do I Have? Why Does Genetics Matter?

Advanced Genomic Solutions To Offer H&W DNA Test for Distribution at the National Academy of Sports Medicine Optima 2018 Conference

Nature vs. Nurture: A Matter of Personal Taste

Marty Weems Joins Executive Team at Advanced Genomic Solutions

Bitter Foods. Love 'em or hate 'em?

Athletes: Born or Made?

4 Popular Misconceptions About Fitness

4 Ways to Stay Fit and Keep Cool This Summer

The Golden State Killer Case: What we learned About Privacy and Genetic Testing

Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) Limited and Wor(l)d Global Network (WGN) Launch the First Smartphone App that Integrates Clients DNA Tests Results with a Helo Wearable Smart Band.

The Perfect Gift For Mom: Optimal Health

Happy DNA Day -- The 15th Anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome Project

4 Fun Reasons to Workout With Your Dog

5 Tips to Help Achieve Your Health Goals

8 Benefits of Weightlifting

Dieting: When is a Cheat Meal a Treat?

What's a Folate? And, Why Should I Care?

6 Tips to Stay Physically Active at the Office

4 Reasons to Eat Breakfast

Want to Lose Weight. What’s Your Effort Score?

What You Should Know About GMOs?

Eating for Energy

What is all the buzz on the Keto Diet?

6 Benefits of Dark Chocolate for your Valentine

Top 8 Nutrition Tips for Athletes and the rest of us...

Part 2: How to Eat Based on Your Genes: 65% C, 15% P, 20% F

Did you know that January is National Fiber Focus Month?

How to Eat Based on Your Genes

Getting Healthier Requires Effort and a Plan

7 Ways to Be a Better Cook in 2018

Is Your Genetic Exercise Ratio 60-40?

5 Exercises to Try in the New Year

5 Simple Health Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

2018 A New Year

10 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

5 Exercises to Keep You Moving During the Holidays

Game Changer--Factor 75 + AGS Health & Wellness DNA Testing on Windy City Live

Surviving Finals Week: How to Stay Healthy During Finals - Part 2

Surviving Finals Week: How to Stay Healthy During Finals - Part 1

Exciting Possibilities of DNA Testing... But Keep in Mind the Risks

A Toast To Low Calorie Holiday Cocktails

7 Ways to use your FSA Funds before you lose them

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice - Healthy Holiday Recipes

3 Healthy Alternatives for Your Favorite Fall Foods and Drinks

Health & Wellness DNA Tests: The Body "Owner's Manual"--Part 2

6 Healthy Tips on HOW to eat this Thanksgiving

Health & Wellness DNA Tests: The Body "Owner's Manual"--Part 1

3 Delicious and Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes for Thanksgiving

4 Thanksgiving Food Myths For Your Health And Wellness

Reforms are on the way for the VA Choice Program

The Evolution of Corporate Wellness to Corporate Genetics Programs

6 Healthy Tips from AGS for Traveling during the Holidays

"Hostess with the Mostess": Holiday Eating your Genes & Jeans will appreciate

The Benefits of Genetic Testing for Athletes

Are Browned Bananas Good For You...?

Weight Management --An Exercise Prescription Based On Your Genes

COMT Gene, Worriers and Warriors

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Tests

Optimal Fitness: How Fit Are You?

Factor 75 offers clients AGS' DNA test to create optimized meal plans

Depressed or Vitamin Deficient?

Grunt...The Caveman Diet and Your Genes

Press Release: Advanced Genomic Solutions Introduces New, Less Expensive DNA Health & Wellness Genetic Test

Dopamine Deficiency: A Recipe for Weight Gain

You've got your genetic Health & Wellness test results, now what?

Advanced Genomic Solutions Partners with the Wellness Council of Arizona to Provide Genetic Testing for Arizona Employers

Injury Prone?  A Look at the GDF-5 Gene in genetic test results.

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D? Let your genes tell you.

Why do my DNA test results have contradictions?

How To Genetically Optimize Your Nutrition And Fitness!

The Wonderful World of Healthy Fats and Your DNA

Diabetes, the thrifty gene concept, and intermittent fasting.

Low Calorie Recipes: Indian Summer Cocktails

Juice Cleanses: The diet fad that is way past its expiration date

That Cup of Coffee Could Kill You - The CYP1A2 Gene

Modern Terminals Collaborates with Advanced Genomic Solutions to Provide Corporate Genetic Program to Employees

Crossfitters Can Now Alter Their WOD Based on Their DNA Test Results

Taking the Guesswork Out of Healthcare. Your Genes Hold the Key.

Were You Born to Be an Olympian? What ACTN3 Gene Says About Your Potential

Can a DNA Genetic test tell me what to eat? Some can, some can't...

Dreading Dairy - The MCM6 Gene and Lactose Intolerance and DNA Genetic Testing

Do These Genes Make Me Look Fat? A Look at LEPR Gene


Optimal Nutrition that's Fit for Your Genes

Health and Wellness Recipes: 9 Heart-Healthy Dips & Sauces You'll Love

Epigenetics - MTHFR Gene - Folate - Life Altering Science!

Vitamins Fit for Your Genes

Weight Control and Three Benefits From a DNA Test Based Diet

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Genetic Privacy

Can I take a DNA test during pregnancy?

The Perfect Gift For Dad: Optimal Health

Genetic Testing 101 - What Are The Different Types Of Genetic Testing Methods?

Top 5 Questions When Shopping for DNA Genetic Testing

What Vitamins Should I Take Daily?

What You Need To Know About The Fat Gene

40% of Happiness Is Your Choice

5 Fun Ways to Get Outside of Your Exercise Comfort Zone

Sleep Your Way to the Top... Literally.

Genetics 101--SNPs, genotypes, amino acids, oh my!

10 Quick Ideas To Feed Your Body For More Energy

Austin Fit Magazine Gives A Positive Review To AGS' Health & Wellness DNA Test

Part 3--No Free Lunch When Shopping for Genetic Tests

Order Through Amazon Prime - The Most Comprehensive Genetic Testing & DNA Analysis

Part 2-No Free Lunch When Shopping for Genetic Tests

No Free Lunch When Shopping For Genetic Tests--Part 1

A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep

AGS - Genetic Test Helps Achieve Optimal Fitness and Health

Pacira Pharmaceuticals and GeneAlign Announce Partnership to Develop Low-Opioid Pain Management Protocols for Postsurgical Patients at High Risk of Addiction

Scottsdale Genetics Firm Unveils Test to Determine ‘Sweet Tooth’ Gene

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