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Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) Limited and Wor(l)d Global Network (WGN) Launch the First Smartphone App that Integrates Clients DNA Tests Results with a Helo Wearable Smart Band.

[fa icon="calendar"] May 9, 2018 10:48:49 AM / by Josh Weiss

Josh Weiss

[Press Release] Scottsdale, AZ, -- May 2, 2018–Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) Limited has launched the first-to-market smartphone app that integrates genetic testing results with wearable smart band technologies. AGS’s proprietary algorithm generates the clients DNA report that populates the app with real-time informatics and creates a powerful tool to help clients optimize their health and fitness goals.

app4AGS is an international leader in genetic testing with its state-of-the-art laboratory in Central Hong Kong and corporate office located in Scottsdale, Arizona. AGS’s objective is to empower its clients with actionable data about their genes to make healthier lifestyle choices. “AGS helps individuals optimize their health based on their unique body genetics. Our reports and app provide users an easy to read and an actionable tool that explains how their unique DNA affects their diet, exercise, and nutrition. The AGS app also displays the real-time data from leading wearable smart band technology devices like Helo.” said Lance Bennett, co-founder at AGS.

The AGS app will provide wearable technology users with a fully customized nutrition plan that aligns with their Genetic Dietary Profile (macronutrient calculator and daily calorie tracker, exercise routines based on their goals with helpful how-to-videos, activity and progress tracker, and projected 3D body transformation images, and more.


“The global wearable smart band market is growing rapidly. Wor(l)d Global Network is an ideal strategic partner for AGS to launch our DNA focused smartphone app given their advanced bio-parameters monitoring functions, fast growth, and global distribution capabilities,” Bennett continues.


HeloLx_01-1024x640__49973.1485188691.1280.1280“After my positive personal experience with AGS’s genetic tests and following our corporate due diligence; I am delighted that we have entered a strategic partnership with AGS,” said Fabio Galdi, CEO & Founder of Wor(l)d Global Network, who have sold over 500,000 Helo smart bands worldwide. “In addition,” Galdi continued, “WGN has already purchased thousands of tests from AGS which it will offer to its members, so when they read their report, they can make more informed decisions, take action and demonstrate their improved wellness based on their Helo data ”.

AGS’ proprietary algorithm analyzes an individual’s complicated genetics to produce an easy-to-understand report while the AGS app provides a roadmap with unique on-the-go accessibility to guide the individual to achieve their health goals.


About Advanced Genomic Solutions

Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) empowers individuals and physicians to make more informed decisions about overall health. Through innovative genomic technology, AGS improves lives by educating our clients to be advocates for their own health and wellness. With a global reach, AGS integrates the science of genetics into corporate sectors including insurance companies, weight loss clinics, fitness and gym memberships, meal preparation companies, world-renowned medical institutes, global financial corporations, and many corporate wellness programs for both large and small employers. AGS is the leading expert in integrating Pharmacogenomics and Health & Wellness testing into physicians’ practices to provide the best standard of care for their patients. AGS’s CLIA registered, state-of-the-art laboratory is in Central Hong Kong and its corporate office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. AGS executives have a successful track record of company exists and have successfully launched hundreds of advanced medical products in China, South East Asia, and India since 1997. For more information, visit www.ags-health.com.


About Wor(l)d Global Network

With its headquarters in Singapore and its US office in Miami, Florida, USA, Wor(l)d Global Network stands apart as a fast-growing company and a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. In its 15 offices distributed across the globe, WGN employs the brightest minds, the best professionals, and motivated personnel to drive its business and create sustainable and valuable opportunities for its distributors worldwide.

Using innovative products and a proven, direct selling business model, Wor(l)d Global Network helps its distributors around the world to transform their lives, and their family’s livelihoods.


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