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Health & Wellness DNA Tests: The Body "Owner's Manual"--Part 1

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 21, 2017 7:00:00 AM / by Sharon Brack

Sharon Brack

A lot of people are afraid of getting a genetics test, here are some of the questions we get:  Channel-3TV-DNA-Genetic-Test-Episode

  • Does it require blood?
  • Does it require a lot of saliva?
  • What happens to my information after I’ve received my test?
  • Is my information safe?  

All very good questions...

On November 4th,  I appeared on Channel 3TV here in Arizona on an episode entitled "Advanced Genomic Solutions offers DNA tests to see what food and exercise is right for your body to lose weight and be as healthy as possible." 

During the segment I met with Lina de Florias and Jaime Cerreta. I showed them how simple AGS makes it to take your genetic sample. A simple cheek swab, let it dry, and you’re ready to send your unique DNA in to our lab for analysis. The AGS testing process is 100% secure, and we promise we will never sell your data.


Your privacy is paramount!


Below is part one of a two part video segment in case you missed it.  Stay tuned to the AGS Blog for Part 2 later this week, where we go into detail about how our Health and Wellness genetic test can help you eat and exercise better -- generated solely around your genotypes and not trendy diets, extreme workouts, or magical supplements. 






If you're interested in learning more about what our AGS Health and Wellness Tests cover and how you might benefit, click the button to learn more.

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Sharon Brack

Written by Sharon Brack

AGS Nutritionist. Sharon is a certified Nutritionist and Supplement Counselor.

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