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Dedicated to transforming clients' lives and increasing overall health through DNA Testing

As a health professional, advising clients and patients is the foundation of your practice. Your assessment of each individual client takes in as many factors as possible in order to provide a prescriptive path. Baseline testing, detailed patient history, physical assessment and environmental factors play a part in the process. But is one cutting-edge diagnostic tool missing that would give you greater insight and knowledge into their health?

What if there was a way to gain greater insight on a client/patient based on his/her personal DNA? Customizing a health, fitness, and nutrition plan based on DNA results will give you a huge advantage in creating and supporting his/her optimal health. Medical breakthroughs in the field of genomics have furthered our understanding of human potential and have created a whole new field of enlightened customized healthcare.

ProfessionalHealth-1.jpgArmed with an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test report you can feel confident in providing details to your client about their specific DNA that will undoubtedly support and enhance any health advice you give. This factual data is the cornerstone in shifting away from generalized advice. Clients are more likely to be compliant if they understand and accept the validity and see results. We now have the ability to address genetic factors that guide us towards a much more targeted program that is like no other.

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Health & Wellness Genetic Test

  • Most Comprehensive Health & Wellness Genetic Test available on the market
  • Offers insight into: General Health, Risk of Obesity, Food Choice, Exercise & Activity, Behavior & Motivation and Nutrients
  • AGS examines 60 SNPs and 51 genes that are most relevant to your overall health, diet and exercise
  • Revolutionize the way you tailor your nutrition and dietary needs to personal biology
  • One test, one time, gives you a lifetime of understanding about your health
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Personalized Medicine Test

  • Identify how your body will respond to more than 85% of medication available today
  • Assists your physician in prescribing the correct medication and dosage from the beginning
  • Make more precise, personalized and safer medical choices
  • Reduce the trial and error process, achieve therapeutic results and avoid adverse drug reactions
  • Learn your medication metabolism rate
  • One test, one time gives you a lifetime of understanding about your health
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Find out what your DNA says about you...

DNA is the genetic material in your cells that determines your traits. You inherit this genetic material, half from your mother and half from your father. It governs your physical appearance, like your skin color, hair color, eye color and height, as well as your predisposition to certain health conditions. Similarly, DNA also influences how your body functions, such as how your body utilizes and metabolizes sugars, fats and other nutrients and how your body responds to exercise and medications.

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