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About AGS

Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) is an expert and industry pioneer in integrating genomic testing into personal health management. Founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, AGS began commercializing genetic testing in 2012 and aims to empower all its clients and physicians with their individual, unique, and actionable genetic data. This information enables clients to make smarter lifestyle choices in improving health and revolutionizes the way we tailor nutrition, dietary and fitness needs to ones personal biology.

We believe each patient is unique and therefore should have a unique and tailored treatment plan. Our state-of-the-art clinical laboratories in the United States and Hong Kong provide physicians and their patients with actionable, accurate and precise healthcare information. This enables a clearer path towards healthier living using both predictive and preventative insight based on advanced genomic technologies.

Before entering the Hong Kong genomic market and building a new state-of-the-art laboratory in Central, Hong Kong, AGS conducted two years of due diligence on the South East Asia genetic market. We now have created numerous key partnerships with major medical practices and have sold thousands of pharmacogenomics tests worldwide.


AGS offers multiple genomic tests: Health & Wellness, Personalized Medicine, Caris Molecular Intelligence® tumor profiling and HLA drug hypersensitivity. One test, one time, will serve you forever.

Since 1997, AGS’s American executives have successfully launched hundreds of advanced medical products in China, South East Asia, United States and India. AGS executives have initiated the commercialization and implementation of pharmacogenomics into physician practices. Cutting edge breakthroughs and scientific advances are being translated into personalized solutions for everyday life.

AGS adheres to strict confidentiality and privacy laws that ensure all genetic information is kept private or only shared with your physician. Unlike several other genetic companies, AGS does not sell or transfer any personal data to any third parties. No exceptions.

Our Science

Based on the results from the Human Genome Project (HGP), an international thirteen-year project that began in October 1990, AGS began evaluating specific SNPs identified within its report. The projects' focus was to sequence and map the entire human genome (full set of genes present in the human body). Completed in 2003, the HGP findings gave us the ability to read nature’s complete genetic blueprint for human beings. Based on this solid foundation, AGS further examines DNA to develop new ways to treat, cure, or even prevent the thousands of diseases that afflict humankind.



Our Vision and Mission


AGS aims to empower all our clients and physicians with unique and actionable genetic data enabling smarter lifestyle choices.


  • Reduce healthcare-related spending by targeting prescriptions that actually work for our clients.
  • Improve patient quality of life with medical recommendations based on the individual’s own genetic profile
  • Reduce adverse side effects and hospitalizations with genomic information provided in advance of actual treatment
  • Provide advanced, genetically guided medical information and actionable treatment recommendations to physician and patients

The AGS Advantage

  • Experience: AGS leadership began commercialized testing in the US in 2012 and has completed thousands of tests, which is a far superior number compared to any other company operating in Hong Kong or SE Asia.
  • Unlike other genetic companies in Hong Kong that sell customer data, AGS does not sell or transfer your personal and genetic data to any third parties.
  • AGS’s testing solutions have reduced costs to the healthcare system.
  • AGS runs each test twice for redundancy and accuracy, and cross reference checks our results with a CLIA certified laboratory in United States. A company without a laboratory for cross reference checks may not be as accurate.
  • Reports prepared in English or Chinese.
  • AGS Personalized Medicine Genetic Test provides accurate information on metabolism of more than 85% of medications available on the market today.
  • AGS Personalized Medicine Genetic Test provides both drug-to-drug and gene-to-gene interaction information which is an analysis based on a patient’s current or newly proposed medication list. Current competitors in Hong Kong and SE Asia do not offer this.
  • AGS’s cancer profiling testing platform is the most clinically published and complete cancer profiling service currently available worldwide.