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Advanced Genomic Testing
Safe, Secure, Accurate, Actionable DNA Testing

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Health & Wellness Genetic Test

Discover the variations that make your genome unique in terms of optimal health and athletic performance. Get empowered to make informed decisions about your body and lifestyle.


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Personalized Medicine Test

Your unique genes play a big role in your personal response to medications. Knowledge of your genetic information can guide you and your physician to make more precise, personalized and safer medical choices.

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Advanced... is the AGS Way.


Comprehensive Test


AGS-DNA-Test-Simple-Safe-Painless-&-PreciseSafe, Painless & Precise

AGS-58-snp-DNA-TestMeasures 58 Unique Genetic Variations


Actionable Findings


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Health & Wellness Genetic Test

  • Most Comprehensive Health & Wellness Genetic Test available on the market
  • Offers insight into: General Health, Risk of Obesity, Food Choice, Exercise & Activity, Behavior & Motivation and Nutrients
  • AGS examines 58 SNPs and 52 genes that are most relevant to your overall health, diet and exercise
  • Revolutionize the way you tailor your nutrition and dietary needs to personal biology
  • One test, one time, gives you a lifetime of understanding about your health
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Personalized Medicine Test

  • Identify how your body will respond to more than 85% of medication available today
  • Assists your physician in prescribing the correct medication and dosage from the beginning
  • Make more precise, personalized and safer medical choices
  • Reduce the trial and error process, achieve therapeutic results and avoid adverse drug reactions
  • Learn your medication metabolism rate
  • One test, one time gives you a lifetime of understanding about your health
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Find out what your DNA says about you...

DNA is the genetic material in your cells that determines your traits. You inherit this genetic material, half from your mother and half from your father. It governs your physical appearance, like your skin color, hair color, eye color and height, as well as your predisposition to certain health conditions. Similarly, DNA also influences how your body functions, such as how your body utilizes and metabolizes sugars, fats and other nutrients and how your body responds to exercise and medications.

Live Healthier:
Make Informed Health and Lifestyle Choices

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