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America's Leader in Business-to-Business Genetic Testing Services

We will never sell or share our client's data. No exceptions. 



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Use Your Genes to Guide You On Your Path Towards Optimal Health

Corporate Wellness programs are effective in helping employees, or your client's employees, discover how to make smarter and healthier choices. With healthy employees, there are improvements in productivity, employee morale, recruitment and retention of employees, absenteeism, reduced healthcare costs, and so much more.
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As a health professional, you are dedicated to transforming the lives of your clients on a daily basis. Understanding individual differences is as essential as advising one to eat right and adhere to a well-rounded fitness program. Include genetic testing into your standard of care to truly personalize your program.
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You have the best of intentions in regards to overall health, but what does this really mean? There are so many diets that contradict the next, it is so confusing. Explore what makes you uniquely different and take the guesswork out of the equation. An AGS Genetic Test is a great starting place to get on track and stay on track.
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Learn how an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test can help you,
your patients, clients or employees:

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AGS is proud to provide genetic testing services to these companies:


About AGS' DNA Health & Wellness Testing:

A comprehensive and unique Health & Wellness test

Knowing about your health & wellness guides you to become the best you possible.


One test, one time; a lifetime of understanding

Our genes are set when we are born, there is no changing them.


Simple cheek swab

There is little difference in the genetic information obtained from saliva, blood, or cheek swab.


One-on-one consultation of test results (Premium Test)

Review your test with a licensed nutritionist or exercise professional with no extra cost.


We empower you with actionable test results

With the results in your hands, you have choices to make.


Privacy of your data, and why it matters

Invest in your privacy. Privacy isn't about semantics, or opting out. It is either private or it's not.

7-AGS-NEVER-Shares-Your Data

We don't and won't sell or share your data

Data is power, data is worth money. Companies pay a lot for your information. We won't sell your data to make it less expensive. 

Complete Genetic Testing Data Transparency

We deliver full, accurate, and timely disclosure of all information.

Answered 'yes' to any of these questions?

  • Have your training results plateaued?
  • Do you know if you're eating the right foods for your body?
  • Are you trying to lose weight and not having success?
  • Do you know if the vitamins/supplements you are taking are effective?
  • Are food cravings causing you to eat when you are not really hungry?
  • Do you work with patients or clients to help them obtain and maintain their health, wellness and optimal vitality?


Explore how an AGS genetic test can help find out what
is right for you based on your unique DNA!

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7 Reasons To Consider A Health & Wellness Genetic Test


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