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AGS DNA Genetic Testing For Health & Wellness 

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Men can have the best of intentions in regards to overall health, but it is worthless without motivation and the willingness to try something new. Be adventurous. Explore what makes you genetically different in order to gain the inside scoop on what will propel you forward towards optimal health.
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For women, finding balance with such demanding schedules is tough. This is why understanding your unique genetic makeup can help optimize your daily workout regimen and make the best of your diet. Be bold and take charge. Make this the beginning of a new adventure.
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As a health professional, you are dedicated to transforming the lives of your clients on a daily basis. Understanding individual differences is as essential as eating right and adhering to a well-rounded fitness program. We have genetic tests for  Health & Wellness as well as for Personalized Medicine.
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AGS is proud to provide genetic testing services to these companies:

Learn how an AGS Health & Wellness Genetic test can help you:


About DNA Health Testing:

A comprehensive and unique Health & Wellness test

Knowing about your health & wellness guides you to become the best you possible.


One test, one time; a lifetime of understanding

Our genes are set when we are born, there is no changing them.


Simple cheek swab

There is little difference in the genetic information obtained from saliva, blood, or cheek swab.


One-on-one consultation of test results (Premium Test)

Review your test with a licensed nutritionist or exercise professional with no extra cost.


We empower you with actionable test results

With the results in your hands, you have choices to make.


Privacy of your data, and why it matters

Invest in your privacy. Privacy isn't about semantics, or opting out. It is either private or it's not.

7-AGS-NEVER-Shares-Your Data

We don't and won't sell or share your data

Data is power, data is worth money. Companies pay a lot for your information. We won't sell your data to make it less expensive. 

Complete Genetic Testing Data Transparency

We deliver full, accurate, and timely disclosure of all information.

    • Have your training results plateaued?
    • Do you know that you eating the right foods for your body?
    • Are you trying to lose weight and not having success?
    • Do you know if the vitamins/supplements you are taking effective?
    • Are food cravings causing you to eat when you are not really hungry?
    • Do you work with patients or clients to help them obtain and maintain their health, wellness and optimal vitality?

Answered 'yes' to any 
of these questions?

We have a genetic test to help you find out what is right for you based on your unique DNA!

Learn More About Pricing
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DNA test results will give you the control and direction you need to achieve optimal health

  • It's easy
  • It's safe
  • Your genetic information is private and secure
  • Your data is never sold or shared
  • As part of the package, you will have a 1 on 1 session with a specialist to review your test results summary

The images on the right represent part of the summary of a 35 page document which goes into more detail.

  • HW_NewReport_Stress_1.jpg
  • HW_NewReport_Stress_2.jpg
  • HW_NewReport_Stress_3.jpg
  • HW_NewReport_Stress_4.jpg
  • HW_NewReport_Stress_5.jpg
  • HW_NewReport_Stress_6.jpg
  • HW_NewReport_Stress_7.jpg

Given that you are genetically unique, one size doesn't fit all. Meaning...


One diet won't work for everyone.

One type of exercise isn't right for everybody.

Vitamin and supplement dosage and needs vary per person.


Quit guessing. Find out. Make a plan.
Become your best with 
a test and solution precisely for you!


Genetic Testing For Men
Genetic Testing For Women

With your test results in hand and after your free consultation,
you will be empowered to alter or enhance the quality of your health.


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Health & Wellness Genetic Testing Brochure today.

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